Styling of tables is not applied in cells that have a single ValueOf placeholder


If I apply a shading to a table, cells that contain a single ValueOf placeholder appear to lose their style in the resulting document.
If however there are multiple ValueOf placeholders, the style is persisted.
A workaround appears to append a space or two to cells that exhibit the problem.
I have attached your example OrderTemplate with some shading applied.
Many Thanks!

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Closed Feb 25, 2010 at 7:52 PM by robertk
Known issue that cannot be fixed due to Word's own behaviour which cannot be influenced.


robertk wrote Sep 1, 2009 at 8:22 PM

Hello Kimosabi. Thank you for reporting this issue.

The ValueOf-placeholders are being processing using XSLT. To determine which style to pass to the value/text that is rendered, it copies the style of the text that precedes or follows the ValueOf-placeholder. If the cell has no contents EXCEPT the ValueOf, there's no text available which style can be copied. So this is a known issue.

I have however given it little priority, since there's an easy work-a-round which you found out yourself as well: add a space before or after the ValueOf. Also, after adding the space, you can immediately remove it again. Because the cell has once had contents, Word will still render out a run or empty text with the appropriate style specified on it. Therefore fleXdoc can now find a style to copy and everything works as you want it to, without the unwanted spaces.

Please let me know if this work-a-round works for you!

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