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help,help,The XML file has a lot of pictures, generating word file is much slower!


help,The XML file has a lot of pictures, generating word file is much slower!
Please check the attachment (analysis chart), the performance consumption here, can solve??????

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robertk wrote Feb 15, 2012 at 12:31 PM

The way images are processed is far from elegant. The base64-encoded datastream is first copied from the data-file to the actual document-xml. Then, during a post-processing step, the data again is copied from the document-xml to an actual image part in the document and the stream is removed again from the document-xml. This works fine for just a few small images, but becomes problematic in scenarios like yours.

First of all: I'm working on a new version of fleXdoc which handles images in a totally different and more efficient way. This new version of fleXdoc is a lot of work and I've decided not to make any more changes to current version. Bugs are exceptions, those I will address.
You're running into a performance issue, not a bug. Therefore I will not fix this. You could ofcourse try to fix it yourself, but that would require a modification of the way images are currently handled.

I have no idea when the new fleXdoc will be done. Also, it will NOT be open source any more, since it's taking too much of my personal time. It will be an affordable component, that even small projects should be able to afford. Keep track of this site for more information. You can expect more news in a couple of months.

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