• API
The fleXdoc API does not require installation. Just compile the sources and add it as a reference to your project.
  • WebService
The fleXdoc WebService can be installed by running fleXdocSetup.msi on the webserver. Make sure the server meets all the system requirements. The default configuration of the service (web.config) does not need any changes.
In case of unexplainable errors during the installation, you can enable extensive logging. This can be done by installing the MSI's from the commandline, eg: msiexec /i fleXdocSetup.msi /log log.txt. The produced log.txt will afterwards contain detailed information on the installation process and why it failed.
WCF must be enabled on the IIS website for the fleXdoc WebService to work. This should be the case if the .NET Framework was installed before or together with IIS. If it doesn't seem to be the case, you need to enable it manually (use ServiceModelReg.exe).
To test the webservice, you can use the Service Client. The WebService comes with a test template (test/OrderTemplate.docx). Just configure the right URL and click Build. After a few seconds, a document should appear.
  • Service Client
The fleXdoc Service Client can be installed by running fleXdocServiceClientSetup.msi on the client system. Make sure the system meets all the system requirements.

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